Stringing Services

Expert Tennis, Squash, & Badminton Stringing

Convenient Drop Off and Pick Up

Drop your racket off in store during business hours or use our drop box. We'll txt you when your racket is ready for pickup or we can deliver if you're in Washington DC.

The Process

Once you drop your racket off for stringing, the first thing to determine is the new string you'd like to take its place. We have an extensive collection of strings from all the top brands in the industry. Whether you're in need of natural gut, polyester, multifilament, synthetic, or some kind of hybrid, we have the strings you need.

Unsure of what string to use? No problem. One of our knowledgeable staff members will ask you a few simple questions and have a recommendation for you in a flash.

We also carry specific strings for badminton and squash.

Have your own string? You can bring it with you to use.

Every racket has a recommended tension range but how do you know what's right? Typically the higher the tension the more control and the lower tension the more power. This isn't universally true but a good starting point. When in doubt talk to our staff who will be more than happy to offer a recommendation depending on your racket, type of string, and your style of play.

Gauge refers to the thickness of the string from thick (16) to thin (18). While not a massive difference thicker gauges are more durable while thinner gauges offer more ball bite and feel but are less durable.

Once we know the string, gauge, and tension, our expert stringer gets to work. At Tennis Zone Plus, we use one of the finest stringing machines available, the Tecnifibre Ergo Pro. This machine is used at ATP and WTA tournaments all around the world - including the Citi Open here in Washington DC. We guarantee an accurate, quality and consistent string job courtesy of our stringer and machine.

Once the racket is complete, we will text you so you can come pick it up at your convenience. Delivery is also available for those in the immediate DC area. For optimum playability, keep your racket stored in a cool dry place when not playing. Remember to restring your racket on a regular basis, even if the string doesn't break to ensure optimum and consistent performance.