Racket Customization

Tailoring Your Stick to Your Game


Have you been in the situation where you have 4 or 5 of the exact same racket but have one that just feels and plays better than the rest? Unfortunately your rackets are not identical and this explains why you might have a favorite racket. At Tennis Zone we have the tools and experience to take your frames and match the static weight, balance, and swing weight so you can feel confident pulling any frame from your bag.


Once your rackets have been matched, it's time to fine-tune their performance. If you already have ideal specs in mind, we'll get to work, or if you're unsure about customization, our racket expert will talk with you and offer a recommendation.


After determining your ideal specs, our racket expert gets to work altering things like balance, weight, and grip size. While many players attempt to do basic customizations at home, at Tennis Zone you can rest easy knowing that an expert is doing it the right way. For avid tennis players, nothing beats a bag full of perfectly customized and matched rackets.